The 10 Best Solar Companies of 2024
We've ranked our top picks for solar installation companies based on our detailed methodology and extensive research. Check out the solar company reviews to learn more.
Last Updated: 04/11/2023
What To Expect After Choosing a Solar Company
  1. Initial consultation: Your solar company will schedule an initial consultation to discuss your energy needs and goals, evaluate if your home is a good fit for solar and provide you with an estimate for the system size and cost. Some solar companies allow you to do this virtually.
  2. Contract signing and financing: Once you're committed to the solar process, you'll review system pricing and if you approve, sign your contract. Your solar company will present you with financing options, which may include purchasing the system in cash, financing, leasing or entering into a PPA.
  3. System design and permitting: Next, your solar company will design a system customized to your specific energy needs and property characteristics. Your provider will consider local regulations and building codes and apply for necessary permits on your behalf. The company will also apply for interconnection, or approval from your utility company to move forward with the installation.
  4. Installation: Once your system is designed and you arrange payment or financing, your solar company will schedule an installation date. The actual solar installation generally takes one to two days depending on your roof's complexity.
  5. Inspection and activation: After installation is complete, your solar company will test the system to make sure it is working properly and generating the expected amount of energy. If everything goes as planned, your provider will activate your system and your panels will start to generate energy.
  6. Backend support: A good solar company will provide ongoing support and maintenance for your system, including monitoring its performance, conducting regular maintenance checks and addressing any issues that arise over time.
Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Solar Companies
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Methodology: Our System for Ranking the Best Solar Installation Companies
We closely evaluated seven crucial factors according to our solar panel installation company methodology to rank the best providers in the industry. Based on a 100-point scale, we came up with each provider's score out of five stars. Here's how we assessed each company:
  • Cost and payment options (20 points): Companies that offer cash purchases and in-house loan financing earned full points in this category. Companies also receive bonus points if they offer solar panel leasing or power purchase agreements (PPAs).
  • Services (20 points): Besides solar installations, companies offering backup battery and EV charger installations, energy efficiency audits and system monitoring earned the most points in this category. We also allotted points to companies that completed all their installations in-house (as opposed to contracting out installers).
  • Reputation (20 points): We considered each company's Google star rating, BBB customer review rating, BBB customer complaint response rate and NABCEP certification status to award each company its reputation score.
  • Warranty (15 points): We verified that each company offers workmanship, product and performance warranties on all of its solar installs. Providers earned more points if their warranties were at or above the industry-standard length (10 years for workmanship and product warranties and 25 years for performance warranties).
  • Customer Support (10 points): Solar companies that offered virtual consultations, a mobile app, 24/7 customer support and high customer satisfaction with backend support earned the most points in this category.
  • Industry Experience (10 points): Providers with 10 or more years of experience in the solar installation industry earned a perfect score in this category.
  • Sustainability (5 points): Companies with a detailed sustainability statement, ESG disclosures, end-of-life panel disposal programs and community partnerships earned all five points in this category.